How Many Miles Left on Your Brand?

The importance of diagnosing and servicing its performance.

How is your brand currently performing? Is it humming along in 5th or 6th gear, or is it stuck in neutral, not really knowing its intended power, capacity and the direction it should take? Are the characteristics of your brand aligned to your latest business objectives? And have you accurately determined the best way to “accelerate” them?

Like any vehicle, high performance or pragmatic and reliable, brands need to be diagnosed and serviced from time-to-time. When was the last time you lifted up the hood on yours? Is your brand fresh, expressive, and resonating with those audiences you most strategically want to connect with? Are your current brand assets contemporary in both meaning and aesthetic, or do they look worn out, even posing a liability when you communicate with your customers? Many times, Principals and Marketing Directors are so busy just trying to keep their brand running, that they rarely assess the performance and style (design aesthetic) it conveys to their audiences.

Our brands are vehicles in which we deliver trust to our customers. A brand’s assets provide any organization a clear road map of knowing where to go with all future marketing and new business initiatives. They build strength and assuredness, externally as well as creating greater employee morale internally. Even more than the type of vehicles we drive, brands are an extension of our personalities, of who we are – to ourselves and to our customers.

Are your brand assets currently performing effectively? Are they in need of a tune-up, or is it time to trade in the old model and upgrade to an entirely new one with more horsepower, greater reliability, or more accurately, one that your customer wants to get behind and drive? At Blik, we believe brands should garner attention, that their message should outperform the competition, and that they generate memorable experiences in the eyes of your customers.

When was the last time you had your brand serviced? For free (brand audit) diagnostics, call Blik today.