The “Community” of our Community

The San Diego Community College District plays a major role in our regional economy. The District’s economic impact is equal to approximately 3.1 percent of the county’s Gross Regional Product. And graduating students fuel both 4 year institutions and our county’s currently growing workforce. Blik, along with the District’s Director of Communications, Jack Beresford, designed and produced this year’s 24-page annual report, thematically conveying the District’s milestones in Leadership and Innovation, Student Success, Community Engagement and their ongoing Workforce Development. The report can be viewed online here. Through City, Mesa, and Miramar campuses, as well as their expanding Continuing Education programs, the San Diego Community College District continues to be deeply committed to the success of our regional ‘community.’



Helping Cities Thrive

Cities are about people. They’re about creating new business opportunities, encouraging public interaction, and defining their Civic pride. At Blik, we believe in the power of a city’s message, their history, their public spaces, their destinations, and the unique story each of them has to tell. Call Blik. Discover how we are helping cities thrive.



One’s View of Things

I recently rediscovered William Kentridge’s video Return, and it reminded me of the importance of how we look at things, how we perceive the world around us. As marketing specialists, as designers, as communicators, it is always our objective to reach our audiences in a clear, objective and thoughtful manner. But from what perspective should we be delivering an organization’s (brand) message? Marketing and branding pursuits can often become too literal, too obvious, leaving little room for imagination or individual discovery. The truly successful marketing/branding campaigns are one’s that provide new context and fresh perspectives that arouse the intended viewer’s emotions, connecting them to what they “feel,” instead of what they’ve been told.  My hat goes off to Mr. Kentridge and his unique perspective on art, life, and the unexpected.



30 Years Of Creating Intelligent Brands

A moment, an hour, a meeting, and instant. A project, a duration, an occasion, a phase… time duly noted, even recorded.

Combine them all together and they represent our 30 years in business.

We hope you take the next couple of minutes and enjoy our reverence of our “time” at work, building ideas, forming solutions and growing our clients’ businesses.