• Urban Succulent Package Labels
  • Blik-Packaging-Guess-Denim
  • Blik-Packaging-Penick-LandingThumb
  • Blik-Packaging-Metabolife-Boxes
  • Blik-Packaging-ICE-Cocktail-Kit
  • Blik-Packaging-Jers-LandingThumb
  • Blik-Packaging-FlowerFields-LandingThumb
  • Blik-Packaging-Windmill-Gift-Card
  • Blik-Packaging-Forte-LandingThumb
  • Blik-Packaging-XLNT-Boxes

Urban Succulents

Urban SucculentsUrban Succulents Brochure

Urban succulents

As a relatively small, but fast-growing online provider of succulents and special occasion succulent arrangements, Urban Succulents contracted Blik to identify and extend their customers’ purchasing experience. Blik identified off-the-shelf packaging and created an identity system of labels, gift tags, business cards and brochure that were integrated into various box sizes and shipped with each order.

Urban Succulents Packaging Design

Urban Succulents Labels

Urban SucculentsUrban Succulents label design

Urban Succulents Business Card

Urban Succulents Packaging