Landing on Solid Ground

The days of (Flash) splash pages are officially dead. They were once great wonders to enhance our web experiences, yet they were usually cumbersome to load, they provided virtually no search engine capabilities, and well, after one viewing, it challenged our intuitive online habits. But are they really dead?

Splash pages have evolved into Landing pages and they can act as an introduction to your website, providing new (even daily) dynamic and meaningful content to those audiences you want to connect with. They are now capable of delivering relevant search engine features. They can be specifically linked from Google AdWords, so that your Landing page is the very first thing your potential customers see, based on what they’ve searched for.

Landing pages can be bold, powerful statements about who you are and what your current proposition is. Unlike your complete and extensive website, they’re relatively easy to create, they can provide specific information about your (brand) message, they can immediately capture data for lead generation, and/or provide timely product or service announcements. In today’s digital world, one should never start a marketing campaign without a Landing page.

Be wise. Be dynamic. Consider the benefits of a Landing page today.