How Contemporary are You Online?

Is your website responsive? How is your SEO? Um, what is SEO again?

The technologies we use today to communicate with our clientele go way beyond what we’ve been familiar with in the past. There are more opportunities in which to connect with them, while not only pushing content, but also pulling it from them. Our customers are viewing us by smartphone, tablet, notebooks and desktops – each of these devices need to present content with a meaningful, “user-friendly” experience in mind. Does your website present that experience? Is it responsive to the myriad devices we consume content through daily?

Design Your (Content) Message

With search engine (SE) algorithms, the information we deliver (and receive back) from our websites, e-newsletters, blog posts, and social media can be incredibly informational and beneficial in how your business is both perceived and ranked when potential clientele are searching the Internet – not only for your organization, but with key words in those posts about your services; your industry; and your clients’ relationships within the industry.

Build a Strong SEO Foundation

You want to be noticed, right? Many experts believe that keyword research is the most important aspect in increasing your online recognition and therefore new business opportunities. This is a good place to start, investing heavily in keyword research, as it pertains to your to the various audiences you want to reach. Understand those audiences and what they’re searching for. Use both free and subscriber tools like, Google Analytics or Google Adwords, that will help you plan and expand your SE rankings.

Be keenly aware of the content that you post, both through social media and your website. Do this regularly. Yet don’t overstuff with keywords. It’s best to have one precise and well-targeted keyword phrase per page. Also be critically aware of how that content is viewed by your audiences. If the structure, flow and the loading time are awkward, you will be sure to lose them or keep them from reaching deeper into the content you’re delivering. Expand and integrate your messaging across all SE platforms, to insure optimal online rankings. Contact us for a free assessment of your current Internet marketing efforts.