Everything is Design

Ask a hundred different people what ‘design’ is and you’re likely to get a hundred different answers, but no answer is more succinct than that famous line above from design legend, Paul Rand. Sir Paul was a staunch believer that our “visual language” is intricately woven through the form and function of everyday objects and services we provide.  It was his belief that each and every design decision should be utterly premeditated and that those decisions should very clearly (and cleverly) communicate the idea of a product or service.

Everything we build, manufacture or express – everything – has been designed. Good design is what guides us through the day. It keeps our coffee hot, our backs comfortable, and prompts our daily actions. When design is really good, it inspires us and motivates us with promises of comfort, of belonging and fulfillment. Design is everything and for everyone. It is the embodiment of who we are and how we invariably connect with one another.


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