One of Our Summer Friends

Did you know that it takes 5 generations for the Monarch butterfly to complete its Mexico to Canada migration? Recently the Monarch has seen a tremendous decline in its populations, due primarily to the loss of habitat containing their favorite food, Milkweed. What’s even more interesting, is that local nurseries are selling Milkweed, marketing the plant to attract the Monarch, but many of these plants, so they look beautiful when you buy them, have a systemic herbicide used on the plants, that actually poisons and kills the Monarch larvae, when feeding. My dear wife Sonya, and the rest of the family, have now been breeding Monarchs in our kitchen, our breakfast area and in our own back yard with herbicide free Milkweed plants. It’s a heroic tale and one that you too can help to save the Monarch. Here’s a great link on how you can get started yourself, breeding Monarch butterflies.



An Intern(al) Perspective

A point of view from our best interns ever!

Ciara Robillard

At my time interning here at Blik, I’ve learned so much about the professional world of design, and what it’s like working with clients. Not having the freedom I’m given in school has given me the creative challenge of working within tighter parameters and finding interesting opportunities in a design that may not totally interest me at first. I’ve always struggled with taking an objective approach to design, but I feel that in my short time here, I have a stronger ability to look past my own personal taste and apply good design techniques to contribute to projects.

Michelle Hauer

In the past month and a half interning at Blik, my eyes have been opened to what lies beyond the classroom. Given the opportunity to work in a design studio and with real clients, I have learned so much more about the design process and working cohesively with others. While some find it hard to mesh their ideas with those that are not theirs, I find it rewarding because it can spark your creativity in ways you could not do alone! For as little of time as I have been here, I believe I have developed stronger design skills and had a great time doing so.


One’s View of Things

I recently rediscovered William Kentridge’s video Return, and it reminded me of the importance of how we look at things, how we perceive the world around us. As marketing specialists, as designers, as communicators, it is always our objective to reach our audiences in a clear, objective and thoughtful manner. But from what perspective should we be delivering an organization’s (brand) message? Marketing and branding pursuits can often become too literal, too obvious, leaving little room for imagination or individual discovery. The truly successful marketing/branding campaigns are one’s that provide new context and fresh perspectives that arouse the intended viewer’s emotions, connecting them to what they “feel,” instead of what they’ve been told.  My hat goes off to Mr. Kentridge and his unique perspective on art, life, and the unexpected.