Creativity – A Harbinger to our Souls

I am always curious about an individual’s creative outlet, their passion, and how they gauge both their imaginative and experimental quests in life. You’ve heard it before, “I’m not creative, I can’t draw at all… only stick figures.” Yet creativity is like any muscle we use and the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. It’s something inherent in all of us. Something that should always be embraced by each and every one of us, because it’s so deeply intertwined as to who we are as individuals, as well as a society. Our artistic endeavors have been and continue to be, a primary thread of our psyches, our history and most certainly our culture.

Recently, Jesse Hofstee, our studio’s multimedia developer, who is instrumental in providing both our clients, as well as Blik, these eNewsletters, video animations, and online experiences, recently took his own personal creative passions to the next level. Jesse’s creativity flows beyond our studio environment, through his musical band Spero. They’ve just returned from a two week recording session in Nashville, creating their third record, but this time with Grammy winning producer and engineer, Vance Powell. Here’s to Jesse. Here’s to his creative passion. And here’s to lighting that fire of everyone’s artistic pursuits and desires.




Blik’s Picks

As the temperature drops back down to SoCal levels, we here at Blik would like to recommend the following San Diego events and activities to inspire, motivate, and move you.

Culture & Cocktails – The Art of Music

Listen to the art and experience the Art of Music in new ways with the numerous activities, art exhibits and music at this San Diego Museum of Art event. (Nov 5)

San Diego Beer Week – San Diego Brewers Guild

Join in this ten-day celebration supporting local beer and promoting San Diego’s brewing culture.  (Nov 6–15)

Whale & Dolphin Watching – Hornblower Cruises

Experience whale watching, as thousands of grey whales make their annual migration to Baja California and back along the Southern California coast.  (Dec 13–on-going)

San Diego Jazz Fest

The 36th annual Jazz festival will present a variety of traditional jazz. Bands from across the U.S. will preform jazz styles form ragtime to swing to Dixieland. (Nov 25–29)

San Diego Asian Film Festival

The San Diego Asian Film Festival is the largest Asian film Fest on the West Coast. Come experience the 130 films from 15 different countries with movie genres suitable for all audiences as well as meet and greets with film cast and crew. (Nov 5–14)

Art San Diego Contemporary Art Show

Art San Diego will showcases over 50 leading international and national galleries, in addition to gallery-curated exhibitions, contemporary furniture design, performances and art-talks.

Sessions in Contemporary Art – Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla

This exhibit consists of 40 contemporary artists whose work has become prominent in the last decade. (Oct 27–Nov 17)

In the Year of 1915 – Mingle at the Mingei

Escape to the year of 1915 as Camarada joins the City of San Diego in the centennial celebration of Balboa Park. Experience the musical masterpieces created during this magical time. (Nov 8)

San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival

This festival showcases the world’s primer wine, spirits, chefs, culinary personalities, and gourmet foods. The weeklong event celebrates San Diego’s culinary community with food and wine tastings, cooking classes and over 100 other culinary activities citywide. (Nov 15–22)



The “Community” of our Community

The San Diego Community College District plays a major role in our regional economy. The District’s economic impact is equal to approximately 3.1 percent of the county’s Gross Regional Product. And graduating students fuel both 4 year institutions and our county’s currently growing workforce. Blik, along with the District’s Director of Communications, Jack Beresford, designed and produced this year’s 24-page annual report, thematically conveying the District’s milestones in Leadership and Innovation, Student Success, Community Engagement and their ongoing Workforce Development. The report can be viewed online here. Through City, Mesa, and Miramar campuses, as well as their expanding Continuing Education programs, the San Diego Community College District continues to be deeply committed to the success of our regional ‘community.’



Helping Cities Thrive

Cities are about people. They’re about creating new business opportunities, encouraging public interaction, and defining their Civic pride. At Blik, we believe in the power of a city’s message, their history, their public spaces, their destinations, and the unique story each of them has to tell. Call Blik. Discover how we are helping cities thrive.



STOP! Do not press play!

It’s no surprise that we of the human variety spend far too much time in front of a glowing screen. Mobile devices alone account for 2–3 hours each day. That’s on top of spending nearly eight hours at work staring at digital spreadsheets, TPS reports and the occasional cat video on YouTube. In a truly unsettling glimpse into the zombie-like state we must all exhibit in front of the tube (or worse, in front of the computer machine at work), photographer Donna Stevens captured a group of children enraptured by what they’re watching on television.

In order to avoid looking like these children, we here at Blik would like to recommend the following events and activities. Leave the smart phones behind, and before the summer ends, go out and enjoy some art and culture.


Get away from that desk and go discover some art, music, culture, food and drink in these upcoming events in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas.

La Jolla Playhouse Blueprints to Freedom, An Ode to Bayard Rustin

In the current eye of our country’s racial profiling and police brutality, how far have we come since the Civil Rights Movement?  (Sept. 8 – Oct. 4)

Athenaeum – New Music – Songs: Old and New

The spoken word meets classical chamber style music.  (Friday, Oct. 2)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art – Noan Purifoy: Junk Dada

Los Angeles and Joshua Tree artist is recognized for his beatific sculptures: Out of nothing comes everything.  (through Sept. 27)

San Diego Blues Festival

Great blues music at an affordable price. Plus, the event raises money to support the battle against hunger in our community.  (Sept. 26 – 27)

Adams Ave Street Fair

Two days of food, drink, carnival rides, music, arts & crafts. (Sept. 26 – 27)

MOMIX: Alchemia

A riveting performance by dancer-illusionists.  (Oct. 24)

San Diego Museum of Man – Monsters!

Find answers to questions like, what does a Sasquatch smell like? And more!
(Open now)

Maritime Museum Fragile Waters

A powerful artistic and ecological statement through the inspiring black and white images of Ansel Adams, Ernest H. Brooks II, and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly.  (through Sept. 15)

Balboa Park Exposition Designers 1915-1935: The Making of the Dream City

An exhibition of work from over 20 of the most significant designers involved with the 1915 and 1935 Expositions.  (Feb. 7 – Nov. 30)

Writing With Pictures – Presented by the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. 

A multimedia journey through the creation of the picture book.  (Sept. 13)

San Diego Film Festival

Five days of movies, panels and parties.  (Sept. 30 – Oct 4)

Maker Faire San Diego

A festival of creativity, invention, and resourcefulness.  (Oct. 3 – 4)

SDMA – Second Saturday WorkshopMemory-Based Mixed Media Collages inspired by Coney Island

(Sept. 12)

San Diego Zoo – Food, Wine & Brew Celebration

A festival of creativity, invention, and  (Sept. 26)