3 Innovative Web Design Trends

Since the introduction of template based websites, web design on the whole has become largely homogenous. Often the function of the template influences–or perhaps overrides is the better term–the design, restricting the opportunity for innovation and more personal business expressions. The following sites are examples that honor both functionality and unique design experiences within our Internet realm.

1. Split Screen Design

Vertical split screen design can bring a more dynamic look and feel to the landing page of a site and is an interesting and engaging alternative to the traditional horizontal layout.




Cycle by Cycle
Split Screen Design



The final standard of HTML5 animation wasn’t created until late 2014, but it has already been replacing earlier industry standards that were created in Adobe Flash. It has fast download features, is viewable across all browsers without a plug-in and enables an easy multimedia integration, all with SEO support that can drive more traffic/customers to your website. HTML5 websites are responsive and adapt easily to any screen.

lighthouse brewing



On the Grid 

web design innovations


3. Interactivity

The use of animation and video has opened the door to endless possibilities in creating an experience out of a website. Add this dynamic interactivity to the mix and you have an exciting recipe for engagement with the user.

Beatbox Academy

web design with depth


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